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The easiest and fastest way for vendors to answer any technical questions

Nspill automatically generates a knowledge database of your digital technical assets and extends it as a QNAs engine which can be interacted with, edited and shared amongst anyone.

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We enumerate your assets across your environments and cloud services, which results in a generation of an advanced knowledge database.


After cleaning, normalising and storing your data into a knowledge database, we extend it as a real-time QNAs engine which is easily usable and understandable by all stakeholders.


We provide you with the tools to share these live QNAs to your IT security team, pre-sales team, compliance team, support team and regulators.

Continuous control monitoring as a service

Nspill is a platform which unifies all your technical assets and extends them in an easy and understandable way for anyone who is looking for fast answers.


We automatically answer the most common technical questions from main compliances, due-dilligence process from major companies and far more.


Finding and having the access to a an asset within your cloud services can be tedious. As a result, answering technical questions can be complicated for non-technical staff.
Extending a QNAs engine which allows you to simply ask a question and get a straight-away answer avoids you from going throught that tiresome process.

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Nspill ships with many already built-in questions and answers directly generated from your knowledge database.
Our QNAs system also provides a templating mechanism which allows you to add, edit and complete your own questions and answers using your generated knowledge database.

Connect with top cloud services

Still at an early development stage (alpha), we will continuously expand and improve our cloud services listing with the sole purpose of making it as frictionless as possible for our customers.

Microsoft Azure Cloud



Many more soon...

Frequently asked questions

How do you collect our data?

We use connectors which actively connect to the APIs or passively listen to webhooks of the services you use.

How can I try Nspill?

Please fill out the contact form and we will contact you.

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